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Skills for Business Training Ltd is committed to helping fast growth businesses harness the full potential and capabilities of its people to achieve outstanding success, strategic growth and profit. With many award - winning clients we believe our unique approach works.

Meeting the needs of fast growth businesses looking to harness the full potential and capabilities of their leadership teams and people to achieve success.

SFB offers a full range of training courses, bespoke training, mentoring and coaching to enable businesses to grow profitably, whilst attracting, keeping and harnessing talent to drive business success.

We believe the biggest differentiator in business is a businesses people. Services and expertise provided can be entirely flexible to reflect the unique requirements of each client, thus giving a wholly individual service.

SFB has always aimed to be a different kind of practice; an alternative proposition which offers a highly personalised, supportive service leading to rewarding and lasting partnerships with our clients. Our focus is on the delivery of a comprehensive selection of training coaching and mentoring programmes to drive success.

About us

Steve Jones is a well -known business coach, public speaker, trainer and consultant. Steve is an expert at creating ideas and strategies that build businesses, drive revenue and improve business position and performance. He has a passion for making companies and their products the best in their product category.

Motivational Maps

Motivation is a word often used but seldom understood and remains to this day one of the biggest challenges to business owners, both personally and with staff.

Motivational Maps are perfect if you are a leader looking for a unique ‘tool’ to help understand individual and team motivation, and create a Motivational Action Plan for each staff and/or team member.

Steve has co-authored a book on Mapping Motivation with the founder and creator of Motivational Maps, James Sale as well as being a Business Practitioner delivering motivation services to business throughout Europe, Middle East and Asia.

Click below of you need more information on our solutions for businesses or to get a copy of the book.


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