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This ‘Engaging Leaders’ Wheel is a powerful yet simple tool that allows you to identify the twelve key drivers that if you get right in your business will lead you to become an  ‘Employer of Choice’.

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Unleash Your Growth! Are you ready to Magnetise Talent, Ignite Potential and Propel your Organisational Success? If so this Book is Your Gateway to Success!

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4 Modules packed with information to help your business grow. Each Module is broken down into bite sized videos with illustrations and questionnaires to complete to enable you to get the best from this course.

Build, Upskill, Motivate, Grow

Build your company culture

Upskill & Motivate your teams

Grow towards increased profitability & success


What do you want to achieve?

Skills for Business offers a selection of training courses and programmes designed to take your team to the next level. Choose your desired outcome from the options below and take the first steps towards unlocking the potential of your team & growing your profits and business.

Engagement Multiplier

Do you have a clear vision for your business?

Are your teams engaged in achieving your vision?

The Skills for Business Engagement Multiplier course allows your team to work in formation on a clear path to achieving the goals and objectives set out by your business vision.

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Motivational Maps

Are your staff in flow?

Are your individual team members optimised to ensure maximum performance and productivity?

Motivation is a word often used but seldom understood and remains to this day one of the biggest challenges to business owners, both personally and with staff.

Motivational Maps are perfect if you are a leader looking for a unique ‘tool’ to help understand individual and team motivation, and create a Motivational Action Plan for each staff and/or team member.


What do previous clients have to say?

"Superb course" 

I had the pleasure to attend the licence practitioners’ course with Steve over the course of 2 days. What a superb course and delivered with such professionalism and integrity. It was a real pleasure to work with Steve and I wouldn't hesitate to enroll on another of his courses.

"Engaging and challenging"

Steve led myself and team members through becoming Licenced Practitioners in Motivational Mapping. His deep subject matter understanding and teaching style made the experience not only technically excellent, but also engaging and challenging. 

"Thoroughly recommend"

I spent yesterday morning in one of Steve's motivational map short workshops and can thoroughly recommend it for your self and your colleagues/employees. Steve clearly has a sound knowledge of his subject and he has a great way of getting people to open up and demonstrates a superb understanding of what makes us tick. 
Thank you Steve! 

"Informative and thorough"

It was informative and thorough allowing as much interaction as possible from the group. Steve is a great facilitator, as on some days of the course I hardly noticed his input in the sense that we were able to simply find our own solutions and express ourselves thoroughly in the comfort of a safe haven with his gentle guidance and thought provoking direction. I would certainly recommend Steve's work for these reasons. 

Skills for Business Founder - Steve Jones

Steve Jones is a well-known business coach, public speaker, trainer and consultant. He has a passion for making companies and their products the best in their product category and his unique understanding of leadership and management, team building and motivation in business, coupled with his understanding, drive and enthusiasm, clearly set him aside as an expert.


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