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There are three key areas to this site: the first is Motivation

For me, whether you are a business owner or not, (we are all in the business of self promotion whether we recognize it or not) then understanding your motivation - the reason for getting out of bed to do anything - is critical.

If you are a business owner, then to understand….

  • What motivates your staff,
  • How to describe it,
  • Measure it,
  • Monitor it,
  • Maximise it …. is vital.

If you want

  • Teams to Function well,
  • Appraisal systems that work,
  • Recruitment and retention that works
  • You’ll come to understand that understanding motivation is paramount.

Have you ever noticed that motivated people are rarely sick?

How motivated are you and your teams?




Welcome to Motivational Maps

Improve your staff motivation and watch your business thrive.

Motivational Maps® is the tool to build business success and profits by improving staff and team motivation.

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The 9 motivators at work

Our work related inner needs are defined by our Motivational Map®. This is a complex mix of 9 different motivators. To make each motivator easier to understand and remember, we have given them each a name, which we hope, paints a picture of how that motivator looks in action.

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Building effective teams

How do I Build an effective team?

Team building is one of the four key skills of an effective leader. Arguably it is this skill that leadership finds the most problematic. Motivational Maps® New Team Building tool provides the context in which real teams can be created and enables team leaders to establish what and how to communicate effectively with their teams. So what are the common beliefs about team building in our current business world? :

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Business coaching opportunities

Calling all Life, Business and Executive Coaches, HR specialists, Management consultants, Trainers, Change Consultants and Entrepreneurs:

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