Motivational Maps (1 day)


Motivational Maps Practitioner Training - 1 day


‘Unlocking Motivation in Business’

A licensed product for trainers, coaches, consultants and  ‘in house’ HR or Team Leaders & Managers to use to improve individual, team and business performance.

What's included?

By the end of the course you will be able to indentify and understand:

  • The 4 types of people that sit in your business and how to identify them.
  • The 9 reasons people get out of bed to go to work – its not just money!
  • Three areas business need to focus on for success
  • A Motivational Action Plan tool that aligns personal motivation with business motivation
  • How to Describe, Measure. Monitor and Maximize Motivation for the benefit of individuals and teams whilst aligning this to business objectives.
  • How to re measure this and demonstrate a tangible improvement in motivation and performance
  • Coaching skill sets required to get the best out of your staff
  • A system that will prolong your coaching life with the client well beyond traditional coaching.
  • A system you can use on a one to one; with groups.
  • A system you can use with businesses which covers the three R’s – Recruit, Retain, Release

The ‘Motivational Action Plan’ you will work with is so powerful it will give you a process that   will identify so many performance improvement  opportunities /issues  you will begin to see results almost instantaneously, with increased performance, reduced absenteeism and sickeness, coupled with a high performing happy workforce, who are aligned to the organisational objectives Course Objectives




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