Unlocking Engagement & Motivation


Unlocking Employee Engagement & Motivation in Your Organisation


As the MD of Skills for Business, a company that focuses on helping business owners and individuals develop and grow both personally and in business, Steve has been at the forefront of best practice in employee engagement.

This has enabled him to develop an award winning engagement and motivational framework that encompasses:

  • The performance triangle of direction, motivation and skills
  • The two-way relationship between employee and employer
  • 9 key motivators and how to identify them
  • Intrinsic values and employee awareness of the business context
  • Creating a ‘wanting’, not just ‘having’ to work
  • Effective reward and appraisal systems linked to motivation
  • Creating an environment in which employees are motivated to connect with and care about their work.

 Discover Steve Jones’ innovative motivational framework, Complete a motivational questionnaire prior to the event and receive a 15-page report to take away (worth £50) to better understand what motivates you and your colleagues





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