Motivational Maps (2 day)


Motivational Maps Practitioner Training with Appraisal - 2 day


After completing the practitioner training why not add this unique ‘Motivational Appraisal Process’ to Engage your Staff and Grow your Business’

What's included?

Move away from those boring ‘tick’ box appraisal systems that both managers and staff hate alike.

Let us help you move towards an engaging, fun and motivational appraisal process that gets results for the business and the staff involved.

Full training provided for Manager’s with a step by step guide for managers and employees alike.

  • Full training for managers on how to run the process
  • Step by Step guide of what to do before, during and after the appraisal for both managers and employees.
  • Your own internally branded process
  • Full set of templated documents
  • Clear actions and outcomes that both staff and managers agree on.
  • Ongoing coaching methodologies to ensure results.



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