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Harness the Power of Employee Engagement – 2 days


Employee engagement is currently a top strategic initiative for a majority of companies and organizations around the world. It is a major contributor to achieving both organizational and individual wellbeing. As well as improving performance and productivity, employee engagement impacts positively on absenteeism, retention, innovation, customer service, and other key outcomes (Engage for Success, Nailing the Evidence,2012).

Yet we struggle to create robust and authentic employee engagement. Some organizations have failed to move beyond a disengaging bi-annual survey while other organizations believe it is important but don’t know where to begin or how to proceed. Some organizations have been working with engagement but their approaches have gone flat or are not achieving the intended results.

This workshop will help you and your organization improve and increase employee engagement so that you are not left behind. You will be equipped to take a leadership role in leveraging employee engagement for strategic success.

We have progressed from the why of employee engagement to the ways and methods to improve engagement. This is an ideal course whether you are in the contemplation or initial stages of engagement or you have been conducting employee engagement surveys and interventions for a number of years.

Major Benefits of Attending

  • ENSURE that both you and your organization are better at understanding and implementing employee engagement
  • WEAVE employee engagement with strategic objectives for the maximum benefit of customers, the organization, and employees
  • LEARN about the latest innovative conceptual, cognitive, emotional, and behavioural developments and practices in employee engagement
  • TRANSITION your company or organization from early stages of employee engagement to more robust and powerful ways to engage
  • ARTICULATE a solid business case for engagement where you work
  • DESIGN experimentation methods with employee engagement to determine what works best within your organization
  • PRACTICE micro engagement methods to foster and enhance your personal engagement and the engagement of employees who directly report to you
  • ASSESS your current state of engagement and develop an action plan to both increase and improve engagement while also making it sustainable.
  • CREATE an organization where employees look forward to coming to work, feel connected to the organization and strive to make a difference

Who Should Attend?

In a strong organization everyone plays a part in improving and increasing employee engagement for the benefit of all. Engagement is much more than an HR on Internal Communications task. It is a line issue focused on how we work, manage, and lead.

Specific participants who would benefit from this workshop include

  • C-Suite executives to help them fully understanding and support and ensure engagement is tied in with strategic objectives.
  • HR and Internal Communications VPs, Directors, and Managers who are often tasked with championing engagement in their organizations
  • Managers, Directors and managers of strategy or organizational development
  • VPs, Directors and Line managers who use engagement to achieve results while building relationships.

Why you Should Attend?

By the end of this workshop you will be equipped with robust knowledge of employee engagement fused with assessments, tools, behaviours and actions to ignite, improve and increase employee engagement and thereby achieve results, build relationships, and cultivate wellbeing.




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