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'Mapping Motivation for Engagement' by James Sale and Steve Jones

Employee engagement is undeniably a crucial focus point for organisations in the 21st century, with motivation comprising the often missing, but vital, component of the developmental mix.

‘Mapping Motivation for Engagement – the complete guide to mapping motivation’ advocates a new paradigm for the twenty-first century: away from hierarchies and command-and-control management styles, towards a bottom-up approach in which the needs and motivators of the employees take centre stage.

Learn from the author himself with our four-day training course that accompanies this book. To learn more, contact us today on 01489 481635.

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Mapping Motivation for Engagement (The Complete Guide to Mapping Motivation)

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Turning on Your PROFITS Tap: The 7 Secrets to Generating Revenue in your Business


Written by our very own Steve Jones, ‘Turning on Your Profits Tap’ is an essential text for any existing or budding entrepreneur, brave business-owner, thinker, or creative looking to transform their business growth.

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Why is it some businesses are magnets to their clients whilst others struggle? Do your potential clients call you or is it the other way around?

There are seven key factors that separate those perpetually chasing businesses and those whose customers, money and success chases them.

In this book, Steve Jones, an expert in the field with a track record of catapulting business to prosperity, outlines these seven factors and teaches the 'supermarket' approach of how to become an outstanding client magnet. He promises ten phone calls, ten appointments, ten sales – and they'll be calling you.

We offer a four day training course to accompany the book where Steve will take you through the steps personally. Contact us today to learn more on 01489 481635.

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Turning on Your PROFITS Tap: The 7 Secrets to Generating Revenue in your Business

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