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We are always looking to improve the delivery and value of services to our clients and have engaged an independent company to assist us in collecting your thoughts and views. The following questions will help us to improve our business to you and go directly to Working Feedback. Your anonymity is assured.

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LinkedIn Testimonials and Recommendations

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Nicola Appleby hired Steve as a Career Coach in 2006, and hired Steve more than once

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“I have known Steve through my work as a Business Skills Advisor for several years, and as well as always getting great feedback from business clients who have employed his services – I have been fortunate enough to undertake his ‘motivational mapping’ session myself.

I personally found the motivational mapping hugely beneficial and enlightening. It helped me make the right next step for me, in my career and gave me a better understanding of what drives motivation not just for myself – but for others. It gave me a real sense of self awareness and understanding.

Because I found the mapping process so beneficial – I asked Steve if he could visit the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy at Fareham College to run the motivational mapping session for my new intake of young entrepreneurs, who are embarking on their own entrepreneurial journeys and participating in activities involving leadership and teamwork.

I felt that it would be fantastic for them to understand their own motivations and have a greater understanding of how to keep themselves and others motivated at this early stage in their careers.

The session was a resounding success and my Enterprise Academy group thoroughly enjoyed and benefitted from the experience and the greater understanding it has given them around their own motivation and what motivates others!

If you are a manager or business owner I highly recommend that you talk to Steve. Once your eyes are opened to the secrets of motivating your workforce - productivity and profitability will surely increase and your workforce generally will be even more engaged and motivated.”