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Skills for Business Training
Testimonials and feedback
  • Steve tailored an excellent 5 day course for my firm to engage its potential future leaders.It was informative and thorough allowing as much interaction as possible from the group. Steve is a great facilitator, as on some days of the course I hardly noticed his input in the sense that we were able to simply find our own solutions and express ourselves thoroughly in the comfort of a safe haven with his gentle guidance and thought provoking direction. Knowing that he is a personal coach and having benefited hugely in the past from coaching I feel confident moving forward that I would easily be able to contact him and work professionally with him should the need arise. I would certainly recommend Steve's work for these reasons. (Received via LinkedIn)
  • I was fortunate to have recently attended the Engaging Leaders High Performance Programme delivered by Steve over five full day sessions. The course was exceptional and insightful equipping the delegates with the knowledge and skills to make important and day to day decisions affecting their employees and their business. Steve was first class in leading this programme. Steve is very experienced and extremely knowledgeable in his field. He delivers a high content course in a way which interesting, involving, challenging and entertaining. His attention to each delegate means each individual leaves feeling they have had a personal one to one course tailored to them giving them the tools to make a difference in their careers and business. I would love to have the opportunity to work with Steve again and can recommend him to anyone thinking of enhancing themselves or equipping the key people in their business with a very special set of skills. (Credit: LinkedIn)
  • I just wanted to say thank you once again for your expertise and encouragement over the 4 days of the course, and also on presentation day. We have all learnt so much, and I for one know that I am more confident than the first day I attended feeling very apprehensive. I still have a long way to grow in the confidence stakes, but feel well informed that if I was offered the role of Team Leader, I would accept it and be excited about the opportunity - something that I would not even have imagined a few months ago! I hope our paths cross again.
  • Skills For Business were flexible to accomodate our needs and experience in coaching. Alex Freedman (Skills4Success Ltd)
  • Steve is just so good at what he does. John (The Disc)
  • Steve's easy going approach and his ability to make everyone feel at ease in the room. Sheila Jennings (Asset Finance UK Ltd)
  • Steve's easy going approach and his ability to make everyone feel at ease in the room. Sheila Jennings (Asset Finance UK Ltd)
  • We had a real chance to properly discuss motivation before receiving our reports and this really helped the information sink in.
  • Steve is just so good at what he does. john (The Disc)
  • Steve was a great trainer and engaged us immediately. He guided us thoroughly and smoothly through the tool and programme, and added so much value as well thought provoking moments. Steve was also able to make the programme fun, involving, insightful and valuable. Deborah Brewster (Tyme HR Ltd)